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  • 2009.10.30

    Delta Launches over 96 % Energy-efficient Rectifier

    Delta recently announced the launch of its next-generation DPR 2700C-48 rectifier series with over 96 % efficiency rate. The rectifier series also offer a power density of 34 W / inch3 – the highest on the market, in line with Delta’s reputation as a leading company in dense packaging of the latest technologies.

    The second new launch, the new DPR 4000B rectifier series, also reach an efficiency rate of 95%, the highest on the market for its power range. Leading-edge energy-efficiency together with the highest power density and intelligent controllers shows Delta’s commitment to sustainable development.

    Cost savings with an easy replacement

    “The new rectifiers offer energy savings for all power needs. When replacing older rectifiers, they save thousands of kWh annually. The environmental effects are significant and the cost savings can amount to thousands of US-dollars, especially in remote sites where power is generated by diesel generators,” said Hans-Peter Glauser, Global Product Manager at Delta Energy Solutions Business Group. “The extended operating temperature range enables further energy savings by reducing the need for cooling.”

    For Delta’s customers, it’s easy to switch over to the more energy-efficient modules. Even upgrades of existing installations are straightforward plug-and-play. The new DPR 2700C can replace old versions of the same to increase efficiency, and the DRP 4000B replaces the DRP3500B series as a retrofit.


    Both products, the new DPR 2700C and the DPR 4000B rectifier series will be available from the end of October 2009.

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