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  • 2009.10.20

    Delta at Green Telecom India 2009

    The international conference Green Telecom India 2009 was arranged in Delhi on 11 September 2009. The event was organized by Bharat Exhibitions. The focus of the event was on energy efficiency and eco-friendly telecom network infrastructure – particularly on cost reduction, power savings and cooling solutions.

    Delta India took part in the event, and Matti Heikkilä, Product Manager at Delta Energy Solutions gave a presentation on the subject of telecom industry and sustainability.

    The ICT sector currently generates approximately 2% of global carbon emissions, more than two thirds of which are generated by network infrastructure. In addition to concerns about the environment, conference discussions focused on increasing energy costs and the growing need to find energy-efficient solutions within the industry.

    Increasing base station efficiency is crucial for energy efficiency. Nevertheless, alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind power and organic fuels are also important in going green. Certain forms of renewable energy have the additional advantage of enabling reliable telecom services in rural areas.

    The title of Matti Heikkilä’s presentation was “Key Drivers for the Telecom Industry to Implement Green Strategies”. In his presentation, Mr. Heikkilä explained the Delta philosophy of total energy efficiency. Instead of just working on the energy efficiency of individual modules, Delta is striving to achieve lower energy consumption at the system level as well as over the equipment lifecycle.

    Delta recently launched its new EnergE line of energy-efficient rectifiers. In addition, the company offers advanced controller options for reduced energy consumption. Delta’s product line also includes new renewable hybrid system solutions, which in principle enable CO2 emissions to be eliminated altogether.

    All this adds up to significantly lower total cost of ownership.

    Green Telecom India 2009 drew together more than 300 telecom, power and energy executives to exchange views on the emerging trends, technologies and services in the field of green telecom.

    “The event was an excellent forum for sharing thoughts with key players“, said Dalip Sharma, Managing Director at Delta Energy Systems India. “The day proved how large a role environmental consciousness now plays in our field. At Delta we are extremely proud of our green solutions. But we also look at the whole picture from the viewpoint of sustainable development. This approach covers rectifier efficiency and power density, intelligent control and monitoring solutions, energy-efficient cooling solutions – and our whole corporate culture. We know that we are the leading green solutions company in our field, and we are proud of that. And I’m glad to say that we have managed to reach this leading position without losing an inch in product usability and reliability.”
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