• Delta Telecom Power Solutions
  • DPS 850B-48-3 belongs to Delta CellD product series. This high efficient and extreme compact system is an optimal solution for space critical applications...
    Includes two Delta DPR 2000C-48 rectifiers, AC and DC distributions and battery connections. Compact 1U height makes the system ideal for space-critical applications. The system is controlled with a Delta CSU 502 controller.
    Provides up to 6000 W of power, but is also expandable with an additional rectifier shelf. System includes integrated power distribution. Modular design allows flexible and adaptable installations.
    InD CellD DPS 2900B-48-5 - Delta TPS
    Delta Slim Line power shelf is designed to meet the power demands upon 48Vdc/200A for wireless and wire line network applications. It combines “high efficiency Rectifier”, “Controller” and AC, DC connection in 2U power shelf...

    If the above products do not meet your needs, please contact us with your specifications. We will come up with a solution that suits your requirements.

    See also our MidD and CabD systems designed for the APAC region.