• MidD Slimline Plant


    MidD Slimline Plant

    The Slimline Plant belongs to the Delta MidD product series. This high power-density system is ideal for space critical applications. An integrated modular system allows flexible and adaptable installations.

    The 2U rectifier shelf building blocks contain slots for 6 rectifiers. Each 2U block can provide 300 amps of charge in either standard 92% efficiency Slimline recti-fiers or 96% efficiency rectifiers. Up to two 2U shelves can be used to provide up to 600 amps of capacity at –48 volts.

    Modular distribution panels provide up to 26 positions per panel for load and battery circuit breakers. Up to 3 distribution panels can be used for distribution capacity of 78 bullet style circuit breakers. Distribution rails are tiered for easy distribution cable management.