CabD – high power with easy expansion options

Delta’s CabD DC power series can secure up to hundreds of kilowatts of premium-quality electricity. The stand-alone cabinets offer an integrated approach to power system architecture. The modularity and scalability of these easy-to-use systems enable rapid roll-out and easy expansion. CabD offers the option of parallel installation for maximum capacity, while the entire system can be controlled by a single unit. CabD AC series can secure typically up to several dozen kVA of premium-quality electricity per cabinet.

Delta Site Monitoring and Control System (SMCS) is designed to condition low-quality AC utility, enhance the availability of AC, and protect equipment from voltage variations and fluctuations. The SMCS acts as an interface between the AC mains, diesel generator and power plant to maximize the utilization of AC mains and battery power, and to reduce the running costs of the diesel generator. This can be further optimized by attaching renewable power sources to the system. A cabinet-type SMCS suits various applications requiring high power and is ideal for small BTS/BSC installations. The power range is typically 5–25 kVA. SMCS is part of SolutionE concept, read more.

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